How it works:

Ordinary tuners are very accurate, but they can only process a single tone at a time. A harmony consisting of different sounds, as it occurs in choral singing, cannot be handled by such devices. Contrarily, the Choral Pitch Monitor works polyphonically. All sounding sounds are measured simultaneously. The software then determines the distance to the nearest semitone for each tone, assuming the equal temperament with respect to an adjustable reference frequency. The measured pitch can differ up to a quarter semitone, i.e., up to ± 50 cents. After computing all deviations, the mean value is determined and displayed on the screen.

The Choral Pitch Monitor is particularly suitable for a-capella choirs, which often tend to slide in their average pitch while singing without accompanying musical instruments. If the deviation xceeds a certain adjustable threshold, red or blue arrows are displayed as warning sings.

The app is simple and intuitive to use, see instructions for details.